FFA Club


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Trinity P. Haynes, Reporter

Thinking of a club to join? Or just something to do after school?

  In the FFA club we work to improve the environment and ideas we think could be beneficial to the community and surrounding areas of Lakes. In previous years, FFA planted flowers outside of Lakes and took trips to Steilacoom Park to plant trees and other local plants. And before Covid they even took an annual trip to Mount Rainer to go hiking and explore/discover wildlife. Right now, we have a few members so if you are willing to join meetings every other Wednesday. Some days we bring snacks and drinks, and others we test the Ph & acidic levels in Mrs. Thietje’s fish tank. Although we cannot do much this year due to Covid, Mrs. Thietje is a great teacher, and she cares about each of her students as if they are her own children! I know she has plans for closer to the end of the year in the thinking and she still lets us socialize and create teamwork. We would love to see you there! New members can fill out a membership form once they join with shirt size, parent/guardians phone number, and even try out for available open positions as membership leaders. So, if you’d like to be a leader, make a change, build teamwork, and deal with nature. Come meet us at the next meeting this Wednesday February 2nd, 2022!