First Generation Club

Ms. Cushman

Stephany Hernandez, Reporter

Ms. Cushman is a teacher at Lakes High School and is noticeably involved with the student body. Whether it’s after school during Black Student Union or in the classroom with Mentoring and Early Childhood Education, she has the ability to make any student feel welcome. Many students have expressed their gratitude and trust in Ms. Cushman. Just last month our very own, First Generation Club, had their first meeting of the year. Ran by Ms. Cushman herself, she takes the time to discuss with students their future goals and plans. Most of the time that involves students to be open with each other and become vulnerable with each other, they can bond and care for each other on a deeper level doing so. These discussions are usually based on the activity they did for the day. For example, during their first meeting they made what we call ‘Get to Know You Bags’ in which the students decorated and wrote information about themselves where they later shared with the rest of the group. The front facing side of the bags were “surface details” about the student such as where they were born and what their favorite color was. The sides of the bags had two things the student would say to someone they trust. Lastly the inside of the bags, the students wrote about their insecurities (if they were comfortable sharing). Sharing their bags, the students found themselves relating with one another on other issues outside of school. In an interview Ms. Cushman confidently explains; “it’s okay to not know and to be in need of support. it’s okay to have questions. This is safe place and not judgmental of family history. This club empowers you to be successful and remember success doesn’t always mean college.”