The Boy And The Moon


Marina Thelander

Long ago in ancient Greece, there was a little boy who was best friends with the moon. The little boy and the moon were inseparable.


The little boy had met the moon one night while he was counting the stars. The moon had been really nice to the little boy so they had a very strong bond. Every night for countless weeks the little boy would go to visit the moon. Each night telling his parents that he would be out counting the stars.


One night the moon had invited the little boy to live with him for the rest of his life. The moon had a very lonely life and the only thing that made him happy was seeing the little boy. One day he thought that it would be easier and more fun if he and the little boy lived together. The little boy was very happy when he was invited. Before he left for the moon, he had told his parents that he wouldn’t miss them because they were horrible people. They didn’t feed him or let him take showers. From day one they had treated him horribly. He had never once heard them say I love you, Which was something he heard nightly from the moon. The little boy left smiling knowing that he will never have to see his parents again.


As the moon took him to outer space, he looked down at his old home and began to cry. He had never once made a friend and his parents didn’t even love him. They were not tears of sadness but tears of joy and hope. The trip was very long so the boy was either sleeping or singing songs with the moon.


“Wake up little boy, we are here” said the moon. When the little boy woke up he was very surprised. The moon was not what he thought it was going to be. It was colder and darker than he expected. The little boy looked up and saw stars. He counted as high as 100 before the moon interrupted. “I thought you might like it here because of all the stars,” the moon said. “I do! I love it, this is amazing” the little boy said to the moon. The moon had to leave for a bit so the little boy was going to be alone.


The little boy had gone a week or two without eating so his hunger grew larger and larger every minute the moon was gone. Until the little boy couldn’t handle it anymore. He felt himself grow weaker the past few days. He hurt so bad that he had to get food. The little boy went exploring hoping to find some food. He found a hidden stash labeled “moon’s food”. He thought for a second if he should open it and eat some. He was sure the moon wouldn’t mind if he had a little bit, after all the moon was his best friend. The little boy began to take a bite, he told himself not to eat more than three bites because it wasn’t his food. With each bite he took, he found himself wanting to eat more and more. He began stuffing his face.


The moon returned shortly after the little boy began eating. He saw the little boy helping himself and screamed “what are you doing?!” The moon yelled angrily. The little boy and the moon got into a fight. He had hit the moon many times. That is why the moon has dark spots to this day.


The moon ended up killing the little boy. He cried for hours. What the little boy did was wrong but killing the only person that had ever been there for him was not any better, in fact, it was worse.


Ever since that day the moon has had permanent bruises and has starved because of the little boy. Each day remembering him, each day hoping that he would come back, knowing he would never find another friend like him. Knowing that he would never see him again. And living alone with that guilt for the rest of his life.