Needs for the 2021-2022 Yearbook

Reilly Erickson , Reporter

Hey there Lancers, are you looking to be in the yearbook this school year? Well, you are in luck. The yearbook team is looking for a couple of types of photosFor Seniors if you have baby pictures preferably from 1-3 years old, a quote or your official senior photos that have been taken outside of school (they must be school appropriate and a high-resolution photo) please email them to Mr. Clark at [email protected] by December 13th so make sure you are prepared and have those in. Make sure you get these in, the deadline is less than a month away. If you are a senior and would like a whole page to yourself you are able to buy one for 100 dollars and the deadline for the senior page is January 27th. If you are not a senior and still want to be included in the yearbook, the yearbook team is also looking for pictures of students traveling, you could have travel to a different state or even a different country, just make sure to include a photo of you, your name and where you traveled. Even if you have not traveled or are a senior there are still many chances, The yearbook team is open to pictures of you and your best friends, and your petsthe yearbook team would love to see you and your fur babies in the yearbookMaybe you have a siblingcousin, or some other type of family member at lakes, we would love to see you guys in the yearbook together. If you drive to school the yearbook team will soon be putting out a date that they will be taking pictures, they would love to see you and your car together in the yearbook to remember how you cruised to school every dayFor all submissions make sure to email them to Mr. Clark at [email protected] and please use your school email. The yearbook team cannot wait to see your submissions