The Dream

Mercedes Todd, guest contributor

The Dream

An Iambic Pentameter poem written by Mercedes Todd


Why don’t you sit, take a well needed break,

And have a whimsical daydream with me

It can be about a giant sand snake

Or a short sail on the Caspian Sea

Staring off as if the world has stood still

In your own personal utopia-

A place far off with a big rolling hill

Blue Nile Falls of Ethiopia

A way to free one from reality

A time that is more idealistic

Sitting under an old Joshua Tree

Through the clouds is seen a faultless picnic


Otherworldly lights, new friends and places

 Our exhausted world a dream replaces.

Up in the clouds with no care in your mind

A far-off adventure no place unseen

Dancing through the night, with all of mankind

Talks of astronomy, Egypt’s great queen.


It started when I met a girl named Rose

However, feeling like I have before

She showed me her town’s beautiful meadows

Historical Europe is where we tour


Dreams continue with far away land

Seeing things you could only imagine

Camel rides to pyramids in Sudan

Different time, a medieval dragon


The fantasy fades, we begin to see-

While we dreamt, what our world has come to be


As I open my eyes, reality

A new outlook on life, I can perceive

My life has been dull and full of herb tea

I own no boat and never seem to leave

But even through the uneventful facade

And the repetitive ways of our sun

Through the light fog I begin to applaud

The pleasant and moral ways of everyone


The girl on the corner taking a break

She laughs and watches as the others fly by

While her boss works hard to keep his namesake

He finds joy in his suit and his neck tie


People here have different reasons to smile,

I don’t mind this world, I’ll stay for a while.