The Howls of Fate

Kieran E. McCarrell, guest contributor

The Howls of Fate

By: Kieran E. McCarrell



The wind rushed by, cold as winter.

The man’s breath was mist in the morning light,

And behind him came monstrous howls.

The man tried desperately to prolong his flight,

He was enervated, yet he still ran,

for he knew what awaited him in the jaws of the beasts.

The howls came closer, no matter how fast he ran,

For his time had come, and there was no escaping death.

Through the woods he ran, over logs and under branches,

Gasping for breath all the while, his heart racing,

Yet no matter how fast he ran, he could not escape his fate.

Soon he succumbed to fatigue, tripped, and fell,

And as he sat gasping, he realized his error,

This was his fate, and there is no escaping it.