The Importance of Poetry

The Importance of Poetry

Rieley Peak, Reporter

English poetry has been around since early 7th century to present day. Poetry has evolved in many ways, varying from short stories perceived by Edgar Allen Poe to love and feelings as portrayed by many poets. It is a form of art, something someone can bond over. Many people hate on poetry because it can be hard to understand. Poetry is meant to make you think and make yourself interpret lines in your own way. Not everything is understandable, but having the freedom to let your imagination wander from line to line, stanza to stanza is an amazing feeling, don’t you think?

Poems do not have to be long. They can be short, one sentence or one word. Poems can be never ending or stop abruptly. They can be fun if you make them. There are many types of poems you can try writing, such as:

  • Haiku
  • Sonnet
  • Acrostic
  • Ballad
  • Ode
  • Shape Poetry

And many more, it all depends on what feels right to you. Poems are supposed to connect with you in ways you cannot explain with your own words. They may describe a feeling you’ve been pondering for days, maybe it scares you so bad you’ll have to leave a light on, or it’s so powerful it will bring you to tears. Reading is so rewarding once you open your mind.