Lakes High School lunches and Vending Machines


Aldo Duran

Kids using vending machines at Lakes HS

We know that school lunches aren’t always the best and it’s almost the same stuff over and over again. I went around school through the last two weeks asking students what their opinions on the schools lunches and the schools vending machines, and what should the school change about them.

Here are some of their responses


The chicken alfredo yesterday was so good, the school can go far with them if they keep offering them at lunches.

The pizza is too greasy, but I guess that is what makes them good in my opinions. 


The Food here is disgusting, that’s why I don’t eat here anymore. They barely change the menu, they always have the same food over and over again, they always do hamburgers, chicken nuggets and pizza. They have to switch up the foods, give us kids more options here at Lakes. The bread sticks that came with the alfredo yesterday tasted weird.


The school lunches are in my opinion terrible.  In my opinion they should keep the orange chicken, that was delicious

They should replace the triangular pizza with the circular pizza because they simply taste better.

The school should remove the hamburgers.

The chicken strips are good with ketchup 


The only good food that they have given us is pizza, mac and cheese. The alfredo was good. The teriyaki was very delicious. Cheeseburgers have to go the same with deli subs, no one eats them at all.

The Chicken nuggets and strips are so dry. 

The times they have given us taco, they have been alright, not the best. The burrito isn’t the best, it’s government food.

I think they should add quesadillas, they are much more delicious.


They should have more variety, and they shouldn’t make the students take the fruits and vegetable as students wouldn’t even eat them and throw them away. its wasteful and they could donate them instead or make a compost bin for the left overs that aren’t eaten, they need to add more options to drink at lunch other than milk.

Vending machines.

Student 4 & 3 

They should add more drinks and snacks to the vending machines.

The school should stop getting the healthy type chips and get the normal store bought chips.